Rocky Flats in the News

Hot Particle Politics on the Rocky Flats Highway

Published in The Boulder Stand, July 16, 2013

“Like the radioactive dust spread across Rocky Flats soil, politics over the Jefferson Parkway – which might be one of the most controversial building proposals of an American city’s beltway system – might never go away.”

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Rocky Flats and the Jefferson Parkway

by LeRoy Moore

Published in The Blue Line: News, Analysis and Opinion for the Informed Boulder Resident, July 27, 2012

“The June-July Arvada Report carried an unsigned article titled “Rocky Flats and the Jefferson Parkway ­ Is it safe?” The article says, yes, it’s “safe.” But “safe” for whom? Certainly not for the most vulnerable among us for at least three big reasons: 1) the danger of plutonium, 2) the inadequacy of official standards for permissible exposure, and 3) uncertainties about environmental conditions at Rocky Flats.”

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