Local Non-GMO Action for February 2013

From Marie Weller of GMO Free Colorado


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well!  A couple of things have come up, so I thought I would drop a quick note prior to our next newsletter.
1 — Regarding 9 Feb… For Col Springs >>>> Natural Grocers is a no-go for a table on such short notice, at least the store on the south end.  I have not had time to contact Sprouts or the north store yet.  Not sure if anyone is planning anything else, but if so, I hope it goes well!  I just don’t think we’ll be able to get the tables up. No worries, though, since there will be A LOT of other opportunities coming our way to spread the word!  Would likely be better to wait a bit and really have all our ducks in a row regardless.
2 — On the other hand, also for Col Springs >>>>  we have (99% sure on this and if not, we will still be able to speak and distribute) secured a table at the Spring Homestead Fair at Good Earth on 16 March, and we are working on tables at a couple of other local events. And we’ll definitely do tables at some of the Farmer’s Markets throughout the summer, maybe on a rotating basis?  (Might be a good avenue for all our local areas to look into.  The tables tend to be inexpensive and you can reach a lot of people.)
3 — If anyone has any ideas of events you think it would be good to have a table at, both local and statewide, please let me know and we will look into it. Quite a few were mentioned at the meeting, but everyone was so revved up and talking so fast we didn’t get a chance to get them all down.
4 — So far as rallies and those types of events, if anyone wants to organize anything at the local level, please do let us know all about it.  We will be happy to help spread the word via our distro list, etc.
5 — T-shirt ads at various expos can lead to negative exposure, but we are looking into other ways to educate at those events.
6 —  Would folks still be interested in Label GMO or GMO education t-shirts to wear wherever?  I can price out if I have an idea.
7 — Educational scripts for how to speak to people about GMOs are being worked on. Meanwhile, a good resource from the Non-GMO Project is attached to this email.
8 — We had originally scheduled for a meeting at East Library on 20 Feb, but we will not be having it there.  For anyone interested, we will meet at my house, around 6:30 for anyone wanting to bring a dish to share for dinner, and 7:00 for the meeting.  Just no dessert-type dishes, please, other than fruit since we have a lot of allergies.  I’ll have a big pot of chili and bread for anyone interested.
Since this is at my house, I am requesting RSVPs, at which point I will send out my address individually.  For a point of reference, I live in Wolf Ranch on the northeast end of town, off Research and Powers in Colorado Springs.
9 —  If you are considering writing any sort of Letter to the Editor, article, etc., please have at least 3 other people review it prior to submission.  Once something is out there we can’t take it back, so we need to make, so we need to make sure all our bases are covered.  If you are going to mention GMO Free Colorado in any way, please also send it for review to gmofreecolorado@gmail.com prior to submission.  Anything mentioning Colorado Right to Know should also be forwarded to larry@journeysforconsciousliving.com and tryna@journeysforconsciousliving.com for review. (I actually just had a handful of people review a letter I was working on, so I am also doing this for myself – just a good checkpoint, especially where is affects the statewide effort.)

10 — So far as any sort of media contact — Colorado Right to Know is working fervently on the legislative side to get us all ready for 2014. Until then, it’s important that we focus on educating the facts and remaining positive and focused on the goal of labeling. If a columnist writes a personal attack, we need to NOT respond to the attack, but rather address his/her points of inaccuracy. We also need to make sure we are never responding out of anger. We need to stick to the issue and focus on the labeling. After all, if these columnists think GMOs so grand, they’re going to want everyone to know about them.
11 — On that note, here is an Interesting article regarding potential federal labeling of GMOs… while it shows our movement is gaining momentum and going mainstream, there is a potential downside:  http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2013/02/will-a-federal-compromise-on-gmo-labeling-trump-state-law-forever/  The Coalition of States (now 37 strong plus Canada!!!) is definitely keeping an eye on this and we will make sure to keep everyone informed.
12 — Here’s a positive, though, to end on a high note!  — http://www.non-gmoreport.com/articles/january2013/Demand-growing-for-non-GMO-corn-seed.php
Thank you for reading!  Please do email or call if you have any questions!